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Where is my Streetcar?

Where is my streetcar is an easy way to tell how long you will be waiting, or if you are better off walking.

How does it work?

At its core, this site is built around the fantastic City of Toronto Open Data initiative. Under the covers, this site is built on Google App Engine.

This site relies on data feeds provided by NextBus and the TTC, and messes around with the data just enough to get it to display nicely on a Google Map.

We believe in open collaboration, which is why this project is an open source project, meaning that anyone can view and edit the source, and anyone can get involved.

We believe in open ideas, which is why all documentation on this project is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. (This obviously doesn't include actual location data which belongs to the City of Toronto, or to map data which belongs to Google.)

Get Involved

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Do you want to help us program, design a better interface, create some better artwork (we're all just programmers, we could use the help!), or something else entirely? Visit Us!


This project was initiated by James Agnew, and is licensed under the Apache License. The awesome streetcar icons were provided by Mike Humphrey. Fleet number info comes from Dennis Yip's site.


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